Cheater ended up in a match with pro Overwatch players, got absolutely wrecked

A Overwatch cheater got the shock of his life when he ended up in a match with some of the best pro players of the game.

It happened when a Overwatch pro named Brandon “Seagull” Larned, decided to do a livestream. What’s more, he invited a few of his pro players friends to join the game. It featured people like Brady “Agilities” Girardi, who plays for Overwatch pro team Immortals, and Nathan “Miso” Lui, who plays for CLG. It also featured two other pro players.

During the game, everyone noticed that a player had joined the game who was using a aimbot. He was possibly doing it to rank a team of non-aimbot using players quickly. Little did he know, who were playing in the opposing team.



The cheater was cornered by the team from all sides, and even though he used a aimbot, he was no match for the collective skills of a Overwatch pro team. Sweet justice rained down upon him and he ended up losing.

It was great to see a cheater finally learn a lesson, he won’t easily forget.

You can watch the match below, the cheater enters around the 1:01:30 mark.


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