CastleStorm Review

Recently the tower defense genre has started to fade into the abyss with games like Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies leading the way. However Castle Storm 2 has revived the franchise with innovative mechanics and a smart story.

As the game begins you are tasked with simple objective to stop the enemy advancing to your castle and taking your flag, at the same time you have got to destroy the enemy castle all without dying yourself. Typically tower defense games focus on strategy and gameplay whilst excluding story all together. So you will be surprised when you get into the story of CastleStorm. Despite the fact the story isnt exactly compelling it adds hints of humor into this old genre.


In the story missions your target is to destroy your enemies castle and capture there flag whilst protecting your troops. Over the course of the mission you will earn points which you can use to summon troops which will then aid you in your battle.The game however still achieves the goal of most tower defense games ” to be addictive” and it really is. However hardcore tower defense game fans need not worry as it has all of the generic mechanics and abilities that fans know and love.


The fun doesnt end once you finish the campaign. This is because the developers have included a multiplayer mode and despite the fact tower defense and multiplayer isnt usually mixed it works surprisingly well. However the game does have its weak areas as do all games. First the story was not needed as it does not play a strong enough part in the game and is only good as a “tutorial” and will not take very long to complete either.Another big issue is the game pad controls. Especially later on in the game when enemies become more powerful you will need to be fast and that is not easy on a game pad.