Cards Against Humanity Needs Writers Who Have A Dark Sense Of Humour

Can you believe that Cards Against Humanity has been going strong for seven years now?

We’ve lost track of the amount of games we’ve played, and how many times we’ve cried with laughter after seeing the results of our friends’ pairings.

However, it’s got to the point where CAH needs your help.

If you think you’ve got that morbid humour nailed on, becoming the usual cause of the group throwing their cards down in disgust and declaring “that’s enough for tonight” then we may have the perfect job role for you.

The team behind the “party game for horrible people” are looking for new writers to help them create additional cards for the game.

Writers are encourage to apply for the chance to earn $40 an hour, which is actually pretty generous in the writing industry. Trust me.

All applicants have to do is submit your best 15 white cards and five of your best black cards before August 31.

For those unsure about what makes a great card, the guys have even given a guideline to “write cards that don’t blow”.

Black Cards 101

General tips:
  • The “blank” should not come after an adjective or article.
  • The “blank” generally works best after a preposition (for, with, of, to) or a verb (kill, fuck).
  • The “blank” generally hits hardest toward the end of the sentence, like a punchline.
Give the black card a voice:
  • Bad: When I was a kid, my Dad always got mad about __________.
  • Better: I work my ass off all day for this family, and this is what I come home to? __________!?
A good black card allows players to subvert an expected tone or logic:
  • Bad: Today, some crazy guy talked about __________ during his job interview.
  • Better: A successful job interview begins with a firm handshake and ends with __________.

What we’re looking for in a white card:

  • Sharp, punchy cards that show and don’t tell.
  • Cards that come alive in the black cards—remember, each white card is only half the joke.
  • Cards with a distinct voice, perspective, or syntax.

The application page doesn’t make it clear how much work will actually be available for successful writers, however being able to pin your name to Cards Against Humanity is a pretty nice addition to the portfolio.