Can The New Call of Duty Outmatch Battlefield 4?

As I began watching the Battlefield 4 trailer the first thing that immediately hooked me was the scene when the group of soldiers were sinking underwater in a car, one of the men was stuck under a seat. It was an intense moment, because at any moment they could die if they do not get out of the drowning vehicle. When the man pointed his gun to shoot the window, the screen blacked out and rewinded 13 minutes into the past, showing every event that led up to that specific situation.

Since I am a person that plays Call of Duty multiplayer more than Battlefield 3’s multiplayer, I was pretty curious as to what Battlefield was bringing to the table. It is not that I don’t like Battlefield, there are a lot of times when I absolutely can’t stand to play Call of Duty and I’ll switch over to Battlefield and it is just a breath of fresh air.


I cannot just pick one side, but I can tell why people can have a feud over which game is better. One thing for sure about Battlefield that stands out is the huge maps, and I mean huge. Battlefield’s smallest maps feel bigger than any of Call of Duty’s biggest maps. Most people rely on auto aim, the guns on BF do have shakiness to them, and it feels real. This is why most people hate to play it, because it takes time to master and some players can’t shoot accurately. The most annoying/satisfying kills on Call of Duty are kill streaks, which Battlefield does not have. But Battlefield does have vehicles, which Call of Duty hasn’t had since World at War, when they had tanks for certain maps.

I have to admit the 17 minute campaign mode video kept me glued, the graphics was amazing, and I really felt as if I was the one in that story. However, with Activision’s showing off their next-gen engine over at GDC, it’s a given that this year’s CoD title would mark the use of a new engine for the series, and one can except a sea change in the game’s visuals, which were extremely dated till now.


But, if the developers can build the gameplay to an extent to match the new found graphic prowess remains to be seen. 2013 will have another big battle between two of the biggest publishers pitting their biggest shooters against one another. The winner will however be the gamer, who’ll get to experience such diverse and amazing shooter experiences.

I am definitely going to try out this game and we will see if Battlefield can prevail over Call of Duty’s upcoming game.

Now the real question is: which one do you think is better and why?