This Call Of Duty And Post Malone Black Ops 4 Trailer Is Weird AF

Call Of Duty’s Black Ops 4 fans are shocked by a series of COD trailers that are exceptionally weird and exceptionally wonderful.

The game just got what could be the strangest trailer that’s ever been released, ever, with an ad that features the one and only Post Malone (or at least, his face), and it’s…bizarre.

Created by COD fanatic, Clonky_Ding, the trailer was unveiled as part of the game’s CODNation campaign, which is pushing for the gaming community to create promotional materials for the title.

Watch it for yourself below and let us know what you think!

YouTube video

It seems that Treyarch and Activision just really liked Clonky’s efforts…And Post Malone must have at least seen the funny side, since the rapper was the one to reveal the trailer to the world.

Clonky_Ding wasn’t the only Call Of Duty fan to get their work recognised by the brand, as B0BBYNAD3S also did a brilliant job with this David Attenborough-inspired trailer.

YouTube video

We have to give a round of applause to MazeleyBurke though. This trailer is spot-on, making the most of one of Reddit’s favourite memes of the year (we won’t spoil it – just watch it below).

YouTube video

More and more of these fantastically, hilariously terrible trailers are appearing on the official Call Of Duty YouTube, so keep an eye out. The best may be yet to come!

YouTube video

Keep the goods coming, Call Of Duty fans!

COD Black Ops 4 is currently up for pre-order, with beta testing having taken place all throughout September 2018. If you didn’t get to trial the game out, don’t worry.

The full game releases in just a few days’ time – 12th October 2018, so there’s just enough time to get your fill of it before Red Dead Redemption 2 launches…

Are you excited for COD Black Ops 4 and which of these trailers is your fave?