BioShock designer praises PlayStation 4

Speaking with Gamespot, BioShock designer and Irrational Games co-founder Ken Levine appreciates Sony’s next-gen PS4 platform. He says the PC-like architecture for Sony’s next-gen platform will “make life a lot better” in the industries.

Levine informed Gamespot:

“I have to sit back and think about the next-generation. Obviously, more memory, more power is always a good thing. I love the fact that Sony’s architecture is now much more aligned with the architecture of the PCs and[…]I can’t say about the Xbox, but I presume they’re continuing in that direction,”

Speaking generally about new consoles, he noted “sat back and thought the particular features or what I would do with the additional power besides the obvious things”

He also spoke about the challenges and the power .

“That will make life a lot better for gamers because you won’t have that sort of diversification of resources in the same way that you had to do to support the differences in the [current-generation platforms],” he added. “I don’t mean Move vs. Kinect, I mean specifically the architecture underneath. So that’s a positive.”

Levine noted that this increase in power will not be without its share of potential difficulties.