Bethesda Won’t Show Fallout 4 During E3 2014 Instead Focus Will Be Battlecry

If you’re still holding out that Bethesda will be showing off the next installment in the Fallout series, you can stop holding your breath. Pete Hines has been under fire on Twitter as thousands of fans tweeting him for details of the upcoming E3 press event and if Fallout 4 will be making an appearance. Instead of Fallout 4, we will be seeing Battlecry.

Pete Hines has been dodging questions left and right on Bethesda about the upcoming possible Fallout 4 video game. But with E3 now closing in and scheduling taking place, fans are more curious then ever as to what Bethesda has planned on revealing. Pete Hines has been now directing fans to the schedule available showcasing that when Bethesda heads to E3 they’ll be talking about Battlecry, a free-to-play PC video game.

If Bethesda decides to surprise us and pulls out Fallout 4 during the event, you can be sure we’ll have the announcement and recap of the event right here on PSG. Make sure to stay tuned for the complete E3 rundown.