Top 10 best Fallout 4 mods you need to install right this second

Credit: mm137

5. detailed world map

Fallout 4’s world is gigantic and it can be a daunting task navigating it. Overhaul your in-game map by installing this mod. You’ll be able to see roads, waterlines and topography clearly thanks to the hard work of modder mm137. There is even the option for a number grid and regions, making journey planning exceptionally easy.

Credit: NovaCoru

4. expanded settlement creation

Creating the perfect settlement in Fallout 4 can be arduous task. Luckily, this mod vastly expands your limits of creativity when it comes to crafting the ultimate home. With over 1000 new craftable objects and build sets to work with, you’ll be living in an apocalyptic paradise in no time.

Credit: Cirosan

3. extended dialogue interface

When you’re faced with important gameplay decisions, it’s nice to know what your actions could mean for the future. This essential improvement to Fallout 4’s dialogue trees enables players to use an expanded interface that shows you exactly what you’re character is going to say. Take control of your journey and get the best outcome with this mod.

Credit: expired6978

2. deeper character customisation

Fallout 4 was praised for its rich customisation but modders have taken character creation to a new realm. Players can access heaps of details to fine-tune as they make their characters unique to them. If you feel like swapping out your look for a completely new vibe, then worry not, as this mod allows saveable presets too.

Credit: CGambit77

1. improved Armorsmith

Bethesda are known for making their RPGs highly detailed, but some of their ideas need a push to reach greatness. This Armorsmith mod allows players to dig deep into a wealth of new options to prepare for the wilderness. You won’t be disappointed with this absolutely massive mod for Fallout 4.

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