These are the 10 Best Conspiracy Games That Are Filled With Mysterious Theories

Conspiracies have made the world go mad for quite a long time now. Secret societies that rule our world day by day, aliens in Area 51, Hitler still alive in Argentina are just some of the examples that mess with our heads. But today we’re not dealing with these cliché premises but we would rather like to focus on in game conspiracies that manage to stir the pot for the whole story and gameplay. With intricate plots and inquisitive heroes, these ten gaming titles made us create our own restless theories.

Deus Ex Series

Image – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Conspiracies are Deus Ex’s bread and butter, in every installment of the series the main hero having to tackle with occult forces such as the Illuminati, The Majestic 12 or the Triad. The most recent title of the franchise known as Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is set in a cyberpunk-themed dystopian world and follows the story of Adam Jensen, an augmented ex-private security officer who now works together with a special Interpol unit to seize a terrorist group of augmented humans. Jensen also joins forces in secret with the Juggernaut Collective, a hacker community that helps him confront the Illuminati.

Max Payne


After his family is brutally murdered by a group of junkies while high on a new designer drug called Valkyr, Max Payne starts a personal quest to find out the origins of the narcotic. After being undercover inside some of the mobster families, Max discovers that the mysterious drug was in fact created in the 1990’s by the US military to improve soldiers’ stamina and morale on the battlefield. From here on more secrets start to emerge and the conspiracy grows even thicker in this highly acclaimed neo-noir third-person shooter.


image: wikia

A powerful yet amnesiac shape shifter named Alex Mercer must stop the outbreak of a virus that transforms people into violent entities. This viral infection is known under the name of Blacklight and Alex manages to find out that is was initially created by the Government back in 1969. Beside this already blood curdling conspiracy, the game’s protagonist will also get into conflicts both with the US military and a black operations force called Blackwatch. Prototype is usually appreciated for its intriguing storyline as well as the uniquely skilled main character.

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