Battlefield 4 Developer Chooses PS4 over Xbox One

It was exciting year to see Sony and Microsoft holding a live conference for each of their next-gen consoles. Microsoft seemed to have upset many of their fans when they were emphasizing the Xbox One’s home entertainment capabilities from social networking to multimedia and even showing their Kinect.

Not showing their viewers any gameplay footage made their fans question their loyalties to the company. On the other hand, Sony announced the technology behind the PS4, the controller capabilities, and a variety of games with gameplay but they did not unveil the console itself.

The PlayStation 4 have been receiving positive media reception from developers and future PS4 consumers over the past few months, Sony seems to have taken the lead in the best next-gen console. Lead core gameplay designer Alan Kertz of Battlefield 4, believes that Sony will take the crown for next generation gaming.

Kertz tweets, “I think Gen4 is now Sony’s game.”

While Kertz is praising the PS4, John Carmack of id Software is staying neutral between the two consoles when he was asked about his opinion of them.

Carmack states, “They are both solid pieces of engineering. I won’t recommend one over the other at this point.”

With E3 around the corner, both Sony and Microsoft will have a chance to prove their spot in the gaming industry. Maybe Microsoft will finally show some gameplay and impress their fans with a trick up their sleeve.

Will the audience be won over by Sony when they finally reveal the PlayStation 4 console and its price point? In order to find out, don’t forget to tune in for this year’s E3 on June 11th-13th.

What are you expecting at E3 and who do you think will take the cake?