‘Basement Crawl’ includes Local and Online addictive gameplay.

‘Basement Crawl’ developed by Bloober Team is an upcoming title specially for PlayStation 4, which will be a combination of old-age gameplay, new control schemes and grindhouse horror to form a ultra- addictive involvement for every player.  Also this game includes local gameplay with friends, which is a missing feature nowadays in most of the games.

The game starts off in dynamic grid based arena violence where players can get into 4-on-4 battles locally or 8-on8 online battles. The game includes nine arenas and four different classes which will determine the player’s approach and method for each battle.  Plus, unique bombs and power ups are presented to each character.

Marketing Manager of Bloober Team, Marc Colhoun said in the PS Blog post, “Basement Crawl focuses ver very heavily on skill. We don’t care how many hours you grind in other games to progress and get the highest rank or unbeatable weapons. Here, it’s all about reflexes and strategy. If you are the more skilled player — whether you’ve played for a minute or a year — you will win.”

“Fast Paced, addictive and fun local or online multiplayer is what we really want to push with Basement Crawl. There are endless ways for players to refine their strategy and execution but the best players will always win. Skill beats grinding levels in this game, every time.”

Here is trailer of Basement Crawl :

YouTube video

Seems like Basement Crawl is a crazy spooky bash-up party for friends where speed, reflexes and skills determine the outcome. Are you waiting for this game to show your skills and be a champ? Share us your comments below in the comment section.