Avengers 4 Trailer ‘Is Dropping Tomorrow’

It looks as though the Avengers 4 trailer could be coming as soon as tomorrow.

Yesterday Conrad, who has previously speculated a Wednesday debut, tweeted: “I never said the [Avengers 4] trailer was coming on Monday or Tuesday.

“In fact, there’s another trailer coming this Tuesday, which is why they wouldn’t release A4 then.”

The Artemis Fowl trailer has already dropped, so what else could it be? Potentially Frozen 2, but we’re still hoping for Avengers 4.

Trailer Track’s Anton Volkov wrote on Twitter: “Yes, Collider is doing an INFINITY WAR screening in LA with the Russos doing an extended Q&A after. Collider organise these screenings all the time – most often it’s advance screenings of films, sometimes (like MISSION IMPOSSIBLE FALLOUT most recently) it was for the Blu[-ray] release.

“So, they always tie into something. So if you’re thinking: does the screening have anything to do with the AVENGERS 4 trailer? Most probably, yes. Will they debut the trailer though? Most likely, no. That’s important as it seems so many who applied did so in hopes of the trailer.

“Most likely scenario is – debuts online sometime before the screening and the Russos use the Q&A to properly discuss A4 for the first time in an interview setting. If it doesn’t? At most they might say the title and hint or reveal the online launch date.”


In a recent Instagram fan Q&A, Russo claimed the trailer may come out earlier than next year.

“You may or may not see it before the calendar turns to 2019,” the director announced.

Marvel boss Kevin Feige told us the trailer would be with us “before the end of the year”.

Russo also added that the running time for the movie is currently looking to be the longest Marvel movie by some way.

“The running time on Avengers 4 is currently sitting right at three hours, so we’ll see if that holds,” he said. “But it’s sitting right at three hours right now.”

It comes as no surprise, Chris Hemsworth has spoke about how the next release will eclipse anything that’s gone before in terms of shock factor.


“If you were shocked by [Infinity War], I think the second one is even more shocking, for other reasons entirely. That’s what kind of blew me away the first time I read both scripts, is how they managed to orchestrate so many different characters but give them each their own separate shot and moments, and have it be elevated and feel fresh and unique—not just like a messy, thrown-together assembly of these guys.

The second one I’m probably even more excited about. Just for people to see. I just think it’s another step again. Each step we seem to take with these films, I’ve loved the fact that there’s been growth and evolution and it continues to surprise people as opposed to sort of flatlining, which was obviously always a fear—that they’d run out of ideas or run dry of creative excitement. For me, this whole experience has been incredible. In particular the last one.”

I guess all we can do now is speculate on some kind of plot for the upcoming movie and get lost in insane fan theories like this one that focuses on Tony Stark and Captain Marvel, or this one that think it’s worked out how Loki will be revived. 

We know Loki will be back in the form of a new Disney series anyway, with Tom Hiddleston continuing as the beloved villain. The series will appear on Disney’s new streaming service Disney+.