how long does ring battery last

How Long Does The Ring Doorbell Battery Last?

When getting a Ring Doorbell, you probably want to know how long does a ring battery last, as this doorbell will only function while the battery has charge. Though Ring Doorbells are easy to charge, you will have to charge them from time to time, to ensure that they are still working as expected. Lower … Read more

how to install ring doorbell

How To Install Ring Doorbell – Everything You Need To Know

You are probably here because you’ve recently purchased a ring doorbell and are trying to figure out how to install a Ring Doorbell. Ring Doorbells are extremely popular as a form of tech that records anyone who walks near your door. They allow you to talk directly through your doorbell using your phone and also … Read more

How to Reset Alexa – All Generations Listed

When things go wrong with devices, the first bit of advice you will receive is often to turn them off and on again. In other words, reset the device. If you have Amazon Echo, you may need to know how to reset Alexa on that device so that you can get your device back to … Read more