Assassins Creed Unity World War 2 Enviroment

Ubisoft has just revealed a World War 2 section of Assassins Creed Unity. This event is due to a “Time Anomaly that seems to occur due to an error in the programming of the simulation.

The section takes place in a war stricken Paris which Arno has been unexpectedly been thrown into. Just before the error Arno is running across the roofs of Paris when suddenly a voice says “Assassin, watch out. The French Revolution simulation is collapsing. I don’t know what time period you’ll land in, but you need to get out of there. Run!”

The objective of this section seems to be to make it to the top of the Eiffel Tower and defend a rip in the fabric of the simulation that you will likely have to enter if you want to return to the French revolution era.