Assassin’s Creed 3 Rise Trailer

It is the 4th of July, the Independence Day. This  is an  important date for United States of America to celebrate their Independence day.  Ubisoft  has release a new  live action trailer for Assassin’s Creed III hails back in history to the origins of the country’s freedom .

Down below we have It’s time to RISE.  speech.

For freedom to rise, the oppressor must fall. Blood will be shed, sacrifices will be made, but the idea we all fight for will live on forever.
Assassin’s Creed III shows us that the smallest action can spark the flame that ignites the revolution: a soldier fighting for his country; a priest struggling with his faith to follow his beliefs; a mother willing to kill to protect her children; a lone assassin, fighting for freedom and justice. The strongest weapon against tyranny is the will of the individual… it’s time to RISE.

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