AAA Games Losing Player Base – Kojima

Hideo Kojima is certainly no stranger of speaking his mind on the video game industry. Now it looks like the Metal Gear Solid creator believes that big AAA title video games are no longer keeping interest for gamers.

“We’ve seen a phenomenon around the world,” Kojima said. “Young people are losing interest in high-end games and focusing on mobile and social titles, especially in Japan.”

Speaking to GamesTM, Kojima talked about the loss of interest for AAA title video games. There has been a big move for the mobile platform with smartphones and tablets flooded onto the market. After all, Nintendo has been considering the market for app created video games. Though to see that the mobile market is now making an impact, at least in Kojima’s eyes, it’s a bit surprising. According to Kojima, the next two Metal Gear Solid titles known as Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, has been made in part of showing off that AAA games are still relevant. 

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes will be available this March 18th on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 along with other platforms. As for Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, expected release date will be sometime 2015. Do you agree with Kojima’s comment or do you feel the AAA games are still highly relevant and played today?