A new Gollum trailer is out, and it looks kinda weird

A new trailer for the Lord of the Rings game Gollum has been released, showing off a look at the gameplay we can expect in the new title.

Many found the choice to make a Gollum game pretty strange when it was announced, but now that we have a proper gameplay reveal, is it looking any more promising? Well, you can be the judge of that. But it definitely looks like what you’d expect from a Gollum game, I guess.

The trailer shows clips of Gollum crawling around as grand orchestral music blares. It’s all a bit over the top, and doesn’t really match the creepy, skulking nature of the character. But as for the gameplay itself, there seems to be a lot of sneaking around and exploring.

Credit: PCGamesN

It seems like Gollum will be climbing around and hanging off ledges, avoiding enemies. There’s an emphasis on stealth, and the fantasy environments definitely look cool. The gameplay and animation seem a little off though, in my opinion.

There are also glimpses of other characters, like Gandalf and Thranduil. Then there are the Nazgul, which make an appearance at the end surrounding Gollum.

YouTube video

What do the developers say about Gollum?

Developer Daedalic said “Gollum is perhaps the most maligned and misunderstood creature in all of Middle-earth, cursed with dueling personalities and a constant compulsion to find his Preciousss. Whether creeping through tall grass or swimming in rivers, Gollum must adapt and move in the shadows if he is to evade enemies during his adventure.”

“From the mountains of Mordor to the Mines of Moria, and passing through Mirkwood Forest, players will explore a variety of diverse environments and experience an enthralling narrative adventure.”

The game is out on September 1st, 2022. It’ll be released on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. It’s also got a Nintendo Switch version on the way eventually.

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