6 GTA V Secrets You Should Know

GTA has always been characterized by the variety of accessories in the form of gameplay elements that come with main missions of the game. These include various aspects of the open-world that the player interacts with and various mini-missions and mini-games.

The new addition to the series, the upcoming GTA V, also is replete with such aspects which promise to make the game even more interesting and playable than its predecessors.

Compiled here is a list of 6 lesser known GTA secrets that may have escaped your oversight.

[textblock style=”4″]1. You can switch characters on the fly when not in missions[/textblock]

Players will be able to switch from one character to another when not undergoing any mission. However, if they do so, they will find themselves in between car chases or at the beginning of some particular mission exclusive to one of the three characters.

[textblock style=”4″]2. You can buy property and invest in real estate[/textblock]


The fan favourite feature makes a comeback. Players can invest in property and real estate. They can also put their money in stock exchange and invest in other such risky but rewarding ventures.

This will provide a welcome change from the missions when they become monotonous and increase the playing time of the game.

[textblock style=”4″]3. Characters have special abilities[/textblock]


GTA V contains three player controlled protagonists- Michael, Trevor and Franklin, criminals whose stories interconnect as they complete missions. Each of them has a special ability which can be activated. Michael can slow down time during gunfights (a.k.a Max Payne), Franklin can also slow down time, but during driving. Trevor can enter into a violent rage mode where he can take less damage and do more damage to enemies and perform a unique melee attack.

Interesting powers, these. Will be of help during tight situations.

[textblock style=”4″]4. You’ll able to play Tennis and Golf among other things[/textblock]


GTA V will feature a host of new mini games along with the return of the series’s favorite mini games like bowling, pool darts, etc. Tennis and Golf will be introduced in GTA V, contributing to the already big roster of mini-games.

This will result in increase of replayability factor of the game along with enjoyability.

[textblock style=”4″]5. There will be animals you can hunt and predators who can hunt you[/textblock]


This is also a first in GTA. There will be animals who can be hunted and predators who in turn can hunt you. There will be a variety of animals ranging from deer, beavers and more aggressive ones like Cougars and bears.

This opens up a totally new section of the game (a.k.a Red Dead Redemption) providing a respite when players find the gameplay missions monotonous.

[textblock style=”4″]6. You’ll be able to customize weapons and cars in the game[/textblock]


Both weapons and cars will be editable in the game. As announced by Rockstar,”Without going into detail just yet, we can tell you that both will be very customizable – with a range of weapon upgrades as well as some very deep car customization. Stay tuned for more very soon.”

The weapons and cars will be customizable depending upon the money available at hand and the progress of the game.

These are our choices of 6 secrets of GTA V that you may have overlooked. Feel free to let us know your views and also add something we might have missed.