2D Puzzle Platformer Klaus is coming to the PlayStation 4

Klaus is set to come to the PS4 the second quarter of 2015. Klaus is a 2D puzzle platformer that is striving towards a fluid gameplay that allows the player to control two characters as well as the environment.

The story of Klaus takes place that he wakes up in a mechanical prison with amnesia. He doesn’t remember how he got into the prison but the only clue he has is the word “Klaus” tattooed on his arm. During the game Klaus will meet characters through out the game and meet a Friend named K1 that is a friendly damaged brute that’s been imprisonment for a long time.

Klaus will be showcased this December at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vagas, NV where a playable demo is set to release not just for the PlayStation 4, but also for the PlayStation Vita as well. Share your feedback and opinions on how did you enjoy the game after the release of the demo.