20 Bizarre Places People Are Finding Pokemon on Pokemon Go

Just because you ‘gotta catch em all’ doesn’t necessarily mean you should keep the app open as often as you can. Fortunately for us, these people did, and were able to catch some Pokemon in some hilarious places.

Here is a list of 20 places where Pokemon have been found, and they’re just a little bizarre.

That’s one way to get Krabs.

pokemon go 4
image via miimows

Raticate does not approve of your porn habit.

pokemon go 6
image via tangawang

Fried Magikarp, anyone?

pokemon go 8
image via dudecomedy.com

Stop and put your Rattata down!

pokemon go 10
image via Twitter (@sethary)

How does Oddish double fist?

pokemon go 12
image via JoelNobody

Sometimes having the Squirtles makes you run to the bathroom.

pokemon go 14
image via dudecomedy.com

Don’t worry about putting the seat down for Abra.

pokemon go 16
image via imgur

Breakfast of champions?

pokemon go 18
image via MikeBeez

Eevee catching a ride with her new buddy.

pokemon go 20
image via Twitter (@JosephGNevin)

Which one should you catch first?

pokemon go 1
image via Twitter (@darkbluecat)

When you’re all out of Pokeballs…

pokemon go 2
image via dudecomedy.com

I’ve heard of sewer rats, but this is a little much.

pokemon go 3
image via Datoxicoss

Pidgey is obviously an ass man.

pokemon go 5
image via www.twitter.com/AdamYT

Is that a Diglett, or are you happy to see me?

pokemon go 7
image via dudecomedy.com

Rattata getting down at a gay club.

pokemon go 9
image via dudecomedy.com

When you’re trying to relax but your Diglett won’t stay down.

pokemon go 11
image via byenate

Dr. Pidgey, ready to perform a C-section.

pokemon go 13
image via imgur

Sorry dude, my Diglett stopped up your toilet.

pokemon go 15
image via dudecomedy.com

This is just wrong on so many levels.

pokemon go 17
image via polygon.com

Who doesn’t like free food?

pokemon go 19
image via Joshkta