11 Hidden Features in Apple’s iOS 11 you need to know

Apple’s iOS 11 is finally here which is good news for everyone with compatible devices. The OS comes with a huge set of new and improved features. While some key features have made big headlines like the “new Siri” or the better and updated app store, there are some useful features that flew under the radar. Here are some convenient and useful features you should know about:

1. Screen Recording

Before iOS 11 you had to install a 3rd-party software to record your screen but now it is there by default. Not only is the feature easy to use but it also provides a variety of options alongside that aid in making the recorded videos better.

You can use the phone’s microphone simultaneously to record the audio as well. To access the feature Open Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls then tap the green plus button next to Screen Recording.

2. Edit/Share your screenshots right after you take it

Apples has completely redesigned and improved the experience of taking a screenshot on your device. Not only can you scribble on top of the screenshot but you can add text, signature and even magnify it to highlight a certain part. To access the screenshot, just press home and power button at the same time.

3. Scan QR codes

With iOS 11 you don’t have to download a separate app just to scan QR codes because Apple has finally put that functionality in it’s default camera App.

4. Control Center customization

With the evolution of iOS, Control Center became a crucial lynch-pin for the user interaction and over the years it has gotten crowded. Now you can finally customize it to your needs. Aside from a few permanent options you can put any options you want on there from a long list.

5. One-handed Keyboard

Most users don’t have big enough hands to type one handed without any issues on the latest 5.5 Inch+ displays. Hence this new feature. To access it, hold the globe/emoji icon on the keyboard and the rest is simple.
6. Emergency help feature

A much welcomed and appreciated feature of iOS 11 is the Emergency SOS. If you press the power button five times in a succession, the phone will lock itself and it will call the police or any number you desire.
7. Type into Siri

Siri doesn’t always understand what you’re trying to say but this new feature will come in handy. You can now enable an option in Accessibility that lets you type into Siri. Now your questions towards Siri can be very intimate with the assurance of no eavesdropping.
8.Track flights

Instead of downloading specific apps for flight schedules, you can now directly track your flight from the Safari browser. Just type a flight number in the browser’s address bar and the flight details will appear. The information is real-time and up to date.

9. Shut down the device without the use of power button.

In case your power button stops working you can now go into Settings>General, scroll all the way down and you’ll see the option to shut down the device.

10. Rapid password sharing

If two iOS 11 are running in a close vicinity of each other and one of them is connected to a WiFi network, that will device with get a pop-up with the options to share the WiFi password with the other device.

11. Lossless music format compatibility

This simply means, you can now run FLAC audio files from the files. This new good news for the audiophiles who don’t compromise on the audio quality.