Here are some Fascinating Facts About Uncharted 4 You Probably Didn’t Know

As we all know Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has become a darling of the gaming industry and it was one of the most praised titles of 2016. It’s been appreciated unanimously by critics and gamers alike and managed to win everybody’s hearts with its fluid story, flawless mechanics and stunning visuals. Since it’s such an esteemed game, Uncharted 4 has also brought some unique traits to the entire series, becoming even more interesting. In today’s video we are going to present ten of the most unexpected facts about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

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Uncharted 4 has no Supernatural elements

uncharted 4 gameplay 2It is the only game in the series that doesn’t feature enemies that use their supernatural powers and this trend seems to have begun with Uncharted 3 where the burning Spirits of the Djin could be seen only in hallucinations. If in Uncharted 1 you could find the Spanish descendants cursed by El Dorado and in Uncharted 2 the Guardians of Shambala, the last installment of the series leaves us with no supernatural based villain.

You can play Crash Bandicoot inside Uncharted 4
Since it’s a title developed by the same company, namely Naughty Dog, Crash Bandicoot appears as a video game that can be played by Nathan Drake on a PlayStation 1 available in game. It really is a bit of a gameception situation and this type of meta-gameplay makes us appreciate this Easter Egg they decided to include even more. It also gives a larger sense of reality and immersion given the fact that a lot of us played Crash Bandicoot at one point in our lives.

The first Uncharted game to have optional responses

Uncharted 4 Featured
Unlike the other Uncharted titles where the dialogue had only one option the player could chose leading into a more linear story, in Uncharted 4 things have improved. There are multiple choices you can select and each of them has a slightly different outcome, influencing the whole storyline. When this trait is mixed together with the open world-like gameplay experience we obtain a result that offers variety to the whole game.

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The first time you can drive a car
Until now the player was able to travel from place to place by taking a plane or a boat, the rest of the movement being made on foot. Uncharted 4 comes with an innovation to the entire series and lets us use a car that can be driven with the help of the PlayStation controllers. This new mechanic offers greater accessibility and a more efficient way of travelling from one point of the map to another.

The characters’ faces contain about 500 graphical bone structures

Uncharted 4, Sony Interactive Entertainment
Uncharted 4, Sony Interactive Entertainment

The developers of Uncharted 4 managed to establish a new milestone when it comes to animating a human face. If in the Last of Us they used about 90 to 100 bone structures, this time they decided to employ between 300 and 500 bones making the facial features appear more realistic than ever. The effects of this addition can easily be observed during the duration of the entire game, the final rendering of the characters’ faces being ultra-realistic.

“Strange Relics” that hint at other Naughty Dog games
In Uncharted 4 you can find three relics that are a direct tribute to other gaming titles developed by Naughty Dog. The first of them is the Strange Pendant, a Firefly pendant that is a nod at The Last of Us, the second one is the Strange Relic, a precursor orb from Jak and Daxter and the final one is the Strange Fruit, a wumpa fruit found in the Crash Bandicoot game.

The first Uncharted game to not include the Original ‘Nate’s theme song’
Since Greg Edmonson isn’t the main composer for this game anymore, Uncharted 4 is the first title of the franchise not to include the Original Nate’s theme song or any other song, for that matter, in the main menu. Henry Jackman, the new composer, made a different version of Nate’s theme, keeping some of the pieces but also adding some more “pirate music” variations to it. This score has the eponymous game title, being called: A Thief’s End.

Uncharted 4 has the most collectibles of the entire series
The first title of the series had a total number of 61 collectibles while the second and the third ones had 101, things have changed with Uncharted 4, the fans being able to acquire 193 items. There are 109 Treasures, 25 Journal Entries, 23 Journal Notes and 36 Optional Conversations that hardcore players can find throughout the map of Uncharted 4.

There is a Monkey Island tribute
One of the nameless Pirate Founders you can encounter throughout the game bears an uncanny resemblance to Guybrush Threepwood from the Monkey Island series, even his pirate sigil being a monkey. This coincidence is even more evident as under one of the paintings hung on the wall you can see the name “Guy Wood” through the scratches. This Easter Egg is a very subtle yet efficient tribute to the iconic and beloved Monkey Island games.