10 Craziest Ways People Have Tried To Cool PC’s

Having a badass computer is a must for many gamers, but besides the extraordinarily powerful source and a top-notch processor and GPU, everyone knows that a well optimized cooling system is mandatory. In order to keep their rigs at the right temperature, people have come up with some pretty wild ideas and in what follows we’ll be presenting 10 of the craziest ways some modders tried to cool down their precious PCs.

Turbocharger Cooling

A very resourceful user thought of a brilliant idea to cool down his computer: a turbine from a 1990 Mitsubishi Eclipse. The turbocharger is able to move air through the PC so that it can provide the perfect cooling method, making it a weird yet effective way of keeping temperatures down low when overclocking your machine to engage in some really heated video gaming sessions. There’s nothing human imagination and a little bit of ingenuity can’t do!


When it comes to innovation, the Russians surely take the grand prize and this crazy modder stands as proof of that. He decided to keep his computer cool in some of the most ordinary yet creative of ways, by sticking it into the freezer. The nice part is that you’ll have your fair share of polar air by standing in front of your rig and this should be a blessing on a hot summer day. In addition to that, the beer 6-pack will be at arm’s length, so we think that that’s a win-win situation.

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