Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Already Close to Maxing Out Next Gen Consoles

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is coming out sometime next year and it seems that early in the console cycle the consoles may be at their limit. Gameplay producer Marek Zeimak, in an interview with VG247, says as much.

“At this point, we’re advanced in testing, running and experimenting with next-ge platforms, and at this point we know the game is pretty demanding. Of course we still have the authorization phase in front of us, but because of size and density, we are already close to maxing the equipment. Of course, if we find more workforce in boxes, we will surely use it to make the game even better. I think others share the same opinion as us, if there’s power to be used they why not use it all?”

From the sounds of it, CD Projekt RED are nearing the full power of the PS4 and others by brute force and seeing what it’s capable of. That doesn’t mean the full potential of the consoles have been explored. It takes some time for developers to learn the nuances, compression and optimizations that allow them to really find the limits.

The interview also discusses their stance on DRM with their association with GoG given the nature of the consoles as well as changes to the game’s environments, combat and evolution of the series’ main character Geralt.