What Is Android System Webview?

What is Android System webview? If you have an Android device, and use apps that show web content, you have probably heard about Android Webview.

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But, there isn’t much information one what Android Webview is, the first time you see it. So, today, we are going to be answering the question of what is Android System Webview.


What Is Android System Webview?

What Is Android System Webview

Android Webview is a system component that allows Android apps to display web content inside them, without using the dedicated browser on your device. This means that Android Webview is a web browser engine or embedded web browser that is dedicated to allowing apps to showcase web content, within their apps. 

Android Webview is often pre-installed on your Android smartphone. This allows any app that uses this technology, to work on your mobile device easily. Apps like Google mail, Reddit, Twitter, and many others actually display content from the internet. This is then rendered through Android Webview automatically. Developers then save a lot of time using this system in their apps, so that their apps can actually work correctly. 

We would not recommend disabling Android System Webview, as you do need it for many, many apps on your phone, even if you are unaware of it. You will find that disabling this feature will literally cause many of your apps to just no longer work, with no other way to fix it. Not that you are more aware of what is Android System Webview, hopefully, you understand its importance.


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