Unreleased Duke Nukem PSP Game Found Within Library of Congress

Looks like the Duke has been chilling in the Library of Congress. Surprisingly, an unreleased Duke Nukem video game for the PlayStation Portable was found within the Library of Congress what makes it more interesting is that the game is complete.

So let’s settle one thing at a time. Games is not uncommon in the Library of Congress, in fact over 400 games a year is reportedly crossed through the Library of Congress for Copyright registration processes. What is unusual is that a game complete that was never released end up in a pile of other titles.

The game is Duke Nukem: Critical Mass, a title that was previously released for the Nintendo DS. At the time of the DS release, the game was labeled as a multiplatform video game set to also make a PSP release.

David Gibson is a moving image technician at the Library of Congress where he found a DVD-R labeled Duke Nukem: Critical Mass (PSP) disc when performing an inventory of recently acquired video games. Gibson reveals that the disc interested him so after further investigating what was in the disc, he found that the entire game of Duke Nuke: Critical Mass was present.

I realized then that in my computer was the source disc used to author the UMD for an unreleased PlayStation Portable game. I could feel the lump in my throat. I felt as though I had solved the wizard’s riddle and unlocked the secret door.