Unlike the PS4 No 1080p on Xbox One Due To Memory Bandwidth/ESRAM/RAM

In this gen, resolution has been one of the most hottest topic. Unlike the PS4, the Xbox One suffers a lot to achieve a higher frame rate.

The developers are now admitting as to why the Xbox One is not on par with the PS4 and why their games is not able to reach native 1080p resolution on Xbox One.

According to Stardock’s CEO Brad Wardell, he revealed why the developers are not able to reach 1080p on Xbox One, including the DirectX 12 and more.

Gamepur contacted Wardell via Twitter and ask him what exactly is the reason why the Xbox one cant achieved 1080p and where PS4 can top that with no problem? A random user name Perpetual Coding promptly  replied:

“I believe it’s to do with memory bandwidth and not utilizing the ESram efficiently.” Than Wardell replied”that’s our take as well. MS cheaped out on the RAM.”

Gamepur elaborated with Wardell again and ask him how much performance boost do you expect from DX12 for your engine?

Wardell replied:

“depends on the game. The more objects on screen the more boost you get. Will mean little for a typical FPS, but huge for RTS.”

Furthermore they asked him “does this mean resolution benefit will definitely come with DX 12? And what exactly are the key fundamentals that are leading to this new golden age?”  he replied: 

“there are no ‘definite’ it’ll depend on the developer. 64bit memory space, digital distribution and more female participation (more brain power in coming up with new ideas).”

There you have it folks.