Uncharted 4 Lead Programmer States Game Will Look Better Than Trailer

With the recent announcement of Uncharted 4:A Thief‘s End’s trailer, Naughty Dog have proved that when it come for first party title,  they are untouchable! The trailer was so gorgeous and jaw dropping making for a very pleasant watch through. The graphics looks phenomenal which has left everyone wanting more!

The  men behind this masterpiece trailer is lead programmer Christian Gyrling. Christian revealed that he is in love with the PS4. Furthermore, Christian stated that Naughty Dog’s  goal is to make the game  surpass the trailer visual.

“I really, really love this hardware. #ps4 #uncharted4 #TheLastOfUs. Our goal is to make it look better than that. Aim for the skies. #nextgen”

Getting  a game that can look better than the trailer is quite a challenge also it would make for a masterpiece goal. We all know Naughty Dog can make the impossible. We  here at PSG believe that Uncharted 4 will change the way we play.