Twitch Archiving Planned for PlayStation 4

Livestreaming has never been easier thanks to the PlayStation 4 and its share button. Though at present a major feature is missing from their Twitch services, archiving. Sony has confirmed to Joystiq that they are “planning to add [Twitch] livestream archiving in the future” to the PlayStation 4.

At present all PS4 Twtich streams can only be watched live, like the PC where the video footage is archived automatically for alter viewing and editing. Twitch’s VP of Marketing Matthew DiPietro told Joystiq:

“We find archiving to be an exciting part of the broadcast experience, especially since broadcasters and their viewers love to be able to revisit and share some of their most memorable moments. It’s up to our partners to determine if it’s a feature set they want to offer as part of their Twitch integration, so we encourage them to keep this functionality top of mind.”