These 10 games are like GTA but way better

Want to play an open-world game better than GTA? Here are 10 games that are better than Rockstar Games’ iconic franchise.

The GTA franchise has been around for decades now, but it can be refreshing to explore other open-world games. If you’re bored of playing Grand Theft Auto 5, then we’ve got a few suggestions to get you gaming again.

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10. l.a noire

The Rockstar Games published L.A Noire still deserves more recognition. While the game hasn’t spawned a sequel after all these years, L.A Noire is a fantastic detective story set in an explorable 1940s Los Angeles. You’ll be piecing together a series of murky crimes, while putting the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles behind bars. Rather than causing the crime, its refreshing to be the arm of justice regularly seen in other Rockstar titles.

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9. metal gear solid 5: the phantom pain

Yeah, that’s right. Hideo Kojima’s final entry in the Metal Gear series is worth picking up for some open-world thrills. Taking on a different playstyle than its predecessor, MGS5 allows players to complete an array of missions at will, while improving their own base of operations. Players can approach missions how they like, whether that is using stealth or blasting every enemy to pieces, along with your trusted canine sidekick.

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8. lego city undercover

There have been plenty of brilliant Lego games over the years, but Lego City Undercover is a blast. Packed with plentiful pop-culture references and co-op mode, this delightful open-world adventure is superb. Its even available to play on-the-go now, thanks to the sturdy Nintendo Switch port.

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7. sleeping dogs

Originally touted to be the third installment of the True Crime franchise, Sleeping Dogs is due for a follow-up. Set in a richly detailed recreation of Hong Kong, players go undercover to take down the criminal underworld from within. Armed with plenty of martial arts moves to deal out some beatdowns, Sleeping Dogs is a gem that needs more love.

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6. watch dogs 2

The first entry to the Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs franchise was a dud, but the San Francisco-based sequel is awesome. Revamped with a new cast of characters, a great protagonist and new features to boot, Watch Dogs 2 gets everything right that the sequel that set out to do and then some. Avoid Watch Dogs: Legion, just play this instead.

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5. mad max

Square Enix have released a few decent open-world games over the years, with Sleeping Dogs appearing previously on the list. Developed by Just Cause devs Avalanche Studios, their adaptation of George Miller’s Mad Max universe is incredibly faithful, while adding some worthwhile spins on the material. Players can engage in brutal vehicle combat, while exploring the deadly desert in search of crafting the ultimate war vehicle.

4. mafia remaster

Hangar 13’s remaster of the first Mafia game is an essential pickup. A ground up remake of the PS2 classic, Mafia combines sublime storytelling with a cast of memorable characters, while taking us on a journey across a compelling open-world. Mafia’s atmosphere is pitch perfect, with each corner of the city feeling alive from top to bottom.

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3. ghost recon: breakpoint

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint had a shaky launch, but this open-world tactical shooter is finally stable enough to play. Much like MGS5, you’ll be approaching missions with freedom of playstyle, while customizing your character to be the ultimate mercenary. Gunplay is punchy and satisfying, while the missions themselves can be a chaotic dose of fun. You’ll even be hunting Jon Bernthal too, as your team goes out for revenge.


2. saints row 3 remaster

Later entries in the Saints Row franchise have strayed away from what made the games so good. If you’re after some classic Saints Row goodness, then don’t hesitate to check out the Saints Row 3 remaster. Running a buttery smooth 60FPS, with 4K support, this zany competitor to GTA is just as much fun, with equally sharp satire on the genre itself.

1. Just cause 3

Just Cause 2 was a masterpiece in itself, but its successor somehow managed to improve on an already winning formula. Introducing the wingsuit and a wealth of new methods to cause destruction, Just Cause 3 is a gorgeous open-world game that acts as the ultimate 80s action hero simulator.

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