17-Minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Released

Warner Brothers Games had released a 17 minute gameplay walkthrough for their upcoming game Batman: Arkham Origins. Your guides through the latest installment in the Arkham franchise are Senior Producer Den Mattes and Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre. They guide us through Bruce Wayne’s early career as Batman. It takes place on Christmas Eve night with … Read more

Batman: Arkham Origins’ I Am The Night Difficulty Setting Has Permadeath

Guillaume Voghel, producer for Batman Arkham Origins, said that the game will come with an extra hard mode called I Am the Night. Speaking with Eurogamer, Voghel explained that the mode would add greater longevity and permadeath. “We have a new difficulty level, New Game Plus is coming back – that’s really difficult – and … Read more

Dying Light Gets “Be the Zombie Mode” As a Pre-order Bonus

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment announced today Dying Light is getting “Be the Zombie” mode as a pre-order bonus for North American fans. Reserving the game is the only way at launch to get the mode. It allows players to be deadly predators and engage in the game’s only PvP mode. The “Be the Zombie” multiplayer … Read more

11-Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay Footage

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment and Techland released the first look at how their new game Dying Light actually plays. You’ve got your open world, your freerunning, your standard zombie apocalypse during the daytime and all looks like it all works together. But then the sun goes down and the entire experience changes from something akin … Read more