InFamous: Second Son Sold Over 1 Million Copies in 9 Days

InFamous: Second Son was released worldwide on March 21st. The game was a rival to the Xbox One exclusive Titanfall for the biggest release of March 2014. Sony has revealed that Infamous: Second Son managed to surpassed over one million copies during its first nine days at retail making it the fastest selling InFamous title to date. InFamous: Second … Read more

PlayStation 4 Now Hits 6.2 Million Units Sold

About a weeks ago, Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House, revealed that the PlayStation 4 surpassed six million in 57 countries all across the world following the successful launch in Japan where Sony sold 370,000 console! The PS4 clearly has become gamers next gen console of choice. With the latest NPD  sales-tracking released, gamers have spent $887 million on games, hardware … Read more

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Sells 320,000 Units In Japan Within 48 Hours

The Sony PlayStation 4 just launched in it’s homeland of Japan which is also very interesting. This happens to be the first console from Sony that wasn’t launched in Japan first but instead was received within North America’s market. Now that the console is up for grabs the sales figures are starting to come out. … Read more

Sony Predicts The PS4 Will Match PS2 Sales

Sony has been trying to get the same sales figures for their consoles ever since the launch of the PlayStation 2. The PS2 happens to be the best selling console of all time with a record breaking 155 million units sold since the system launched. Sadly, Sony’s PlayStation 3 hasn’t managed to bring in even … Read more

Sony’s PlayStation 4 Sold 5.3 Million Units Worldwide

Sony has provided us a quick update regarding where the PS4 stands according to units sold. Since the PlayStation 4 launch last year November, the  console continues to shine in terms of its performance of selling a number of units which inspired many gamers to pick up the console. As we stand right now, the … Read more