New Project V1 Countdown Will Reveal on May 30th

An unannounced video game is set to reveal on the May 30th. Everyone is guessing just what Project V1 will be based about. Find out what we know about the game right now. The teaser website can be found here, which mainly just shows a countdown with the phrase “He is coming…” again not too … Read more

Epic Games Developing Unannounced PlayStation 4 Game

Epic Games is working on a couple upcoming video games that have yet to be announced. One of which promises to bring the current generation video game consoles graphics unlike ever before seen. Known for Gears of War, Epic Games has three current video games in development. according to Edge, among the three, one will … Read more

Sony Files Two New Trademarks For Unannounced Titles

E3 is just around the corner and already we’re getting word of Sony placing a trademark for two unannounced video game titles. The IPs are known as Kill Strain and Entwined. Word got out that Sony has filed for two trademark applications through the United States Patent& Trademark Office under as computer game software. With … Read more

Five Unannounced Titles Coming From Ubisoft Toronto

Recent interview through The Star with Ubisoft Toronto president Jay Ramond, has revealed that the studio contains five games in development that has yet to be announced. What these games are is really anyone’s guess at this point. The Star interviewed Jay Ramond who revealed that the studio is quite busy working on five titles … Read more