Five Times Television Shows Made Us Scared Of The Internet

With the continuous advancements of technology, the online world now offers us a never-ending list of possibilities. Thanks to that, the internet has become a common theme in various television shows, which often focus on the negative side of the web and how it can be used for bad. To mark Safer Internet Day, we’ve … Read more

Here’s What’s Being Added To Netflix In The New Year

Netflix’s list of what’s being added and what’s being removed from the platform gives people the same anxiety and excitement that school results day does, and January is no different. The first month of 2019 is looking to be another impressive month for the streaming giant, with classic films like Black Hawk Down, City of God and the Indiana … Read more

Season Three Of Daredevil Is Premiering On Netflix This Year

The third season of Daredevil is officially premiering on Netflix this year. Speaking at a Q2 earnings call, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos said: “In the short term, we’ve got new seasons coming up, in the second half of this year, of Orange is the New Black, Ozark, Iron Fist, Daredevil, Narcos, the finale of House of Cards, the follow-up series to Making a Murderer,.” Many … Read more