You Need To Start Somewhere

Looking at this war hardened Skyrim character It’s all to hard to imagine that this once was just an innocent little kitty. Just think of it, years before it was just a little cat and nothing like it is today, certainty not going around, slaying dragons, enemies and other extremely dangerous tasks. Just think..

Skyrim DLCs gets dated for PS3

All three Skyrim: DLC have been dated for a PlayStation 3 release. Bethesda’s announced that Dragonborn will be releasing on Feb 12, while Heartfire releases on Feb 19, and Dawnguard will release on Feb 26. All the three DLC content packs will be sold at half their original price during the first week of release. … Read more

Skyrim: Dragonborn- DLC Trailer Released

  New content will be available for Skyrim as DLC, christened Dragonborn. The reveal trailer has been released. The trailer shows the advent of a new Dragonborn, taking the tally up-to two. The DLC will allow players to ride on dragons, as had been previously rumored. Dragonborn is priced at 1600 Microsoft Points and will be available … Read more