WATCH: GTA San Andreas Player Gets A Royale Flush In Casino

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas always has been and always will be a classic – even now over 14 years after it first released. One of the most fun parts of the game was its many ways to gamble, with video poker being a firm favourite amongst players. Twitch streamer Joshimuz recently achieved one … Read more

The Most Controversial Moments In Grand Theft Auto Series

The Grand Theft Auto Series has been one of the most popular and famous video game series of all time. Fifteen Grand Theft Auto titles has been released in the last 18 years and most of them were best sellers. Despite the immense popularity of the game series, GTA had its fair share of controversies. Almost all … Read more

GTA V: Epsilon Program site gets updated, twitter feed live

Rockstar Games has updated the Epsilon Program site, which is the home to the biggest religious cult in San Andreas with some new content. They’ve also launched a twitter profile for the cult and has started building followers for it. The site itself features some crazy shit, and amazing facts about planet Earth. Albeit they’re … Read more