10 Games Where Dying Actually Means Something

In an era filled with unlimited respawns and checkpoints scattered around, it really doesn’t make a huge difference if someone dies in a video game. There are usually very limited consequences so more often than not, it allows players to approach a more careless style of game play.   If you are like me and grew up … Read more

Rogue Legacy Review:

From Shart inducing IBS to short sighted knights, Cellar Door Games’ new indie platformer Rogue Legacy was always going to be a comedic game. Unfortunately, comedy maybe one of the only things going for it… There is no multiplayer nor split screen so already the platformer is limited. Players start the game years ago in the time where they … Read more

Rogue Legacy Launch Trailer

Rouge Legacy for PlayStation consoles is now available. Feel free to view the launch trailer for the game down below. Teddy Lee, game designer for Cellar Door Games stated the following on the PlayStation Blog: Once again, we’d just really like to thank Sony and Abstraction for all their help in getting this game onto … Read more