Rayman a Retrospective, a Personal PS4 Review

It has been nineteen years since Michael Ancel’s Rayman creation hit our PlayStation One screens back in 1995. With five games under their belt Ubisoft have really milked a dead horse dry, nineteen years on and well a stunningly clear question is formed in my eyes. Should classics be remade, or are they better off left in our childhood? I … Read more

Rayman Legends Vita Will Get 28 Missing Levels as Free DLC

Previously we reported that the Vita version of Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends was missing 28 levels that were present in all other versions of the game. Today, Ubisoft communications manager Gary Steinman announced that the missing 28 levels would come as a free DLC update for the Vita version and bring it in line with the … Read more

Rayman Legends Vita Missing 28 Levels Compared to Other Versions

Those who own the PS Vita version of Rayman Legends will find the handheld edition of the game is missing 28 levels that are found in all other versions of the game. Posters on NeoGAF found the missing levels. They are the “Invasion” stages, which are harder, remixed versions of existing levels. The omission of … Read more