PC Gamers on GTA V

This picture above sums up the entire scene right now and exactly how PC gamers are feeling not getting their hands on the most sought after prize for a gamer at the moment, GTA V. Although with a report claiming that GTA V will actually be seeing a PC release sometime in 2014, all is … Read more

This Will End The Console Wars

The image demonstrate the most 2 common  rival in the console war along side with PC. Featuring a little girl trying to bring peace between the PS3 and Xbox 360. This one image illustrates a fusion for all three side and transform it into one powerful phenomenal machine which left one PC  hardware powered both … Read more

GTA V – Graphics Comparison

Today’s PS Fun section has this hilarious comparison screenshot a reader sent us. This shows the difference between the PC version and the PS3 version of GTA V, Rockstar’s billion dollar sensation. Or rather no comparison. This is funny as it’s kind of a  jibe at PC gamers who are always boasting how superior there … Read more

DualShock 4 Trolls Xbox One Controller

Today’s PS Fun section presents a rather simple meme which has gone viral on the internet. Gamers across the world are enjoying the fact that Sony’s Rival has named its console Xbox One as it allows them to make fun of it in several ways. One of the better methods to do so however has … Read more

Every Single Shooter Ever Made…

Today’s PS Fun section will going to include an image which is somewhat relevant with all FPS you’ve ever come across save a few exceptions. No matter how many powerful and special weapons an FPS game might contain, when it comes to being the most effective and strongest weapon in your inventory, the knife always … Read more

Call of Duty – Then and Now

With Activision gearing up to release yet another Call of Duty title, we take a look at how far the series has progressed since its inception. Needless to say, if you take a look at the comparison below, you’ll be surprised just how much visual improvement the franchise has been subject to through the years. … Read more

GTA Graphics – Then and Now…

Grand Theft Auto V launches in a few days’ time and we take a look at how far the franchise has come since its inception. In the image below you’ll see the progress made by Rockstar in all these years and the evolution is simply stunning to say the least. Are you looking forward to … Read more