TGS: New Sony PS4 camera can see and react to the voice commands

As per a report published on Joystiq, some new details about the camera of PS4 have been disclosed by Sony at the Tokyo Game Show earlier today. Masayasu Ito, Sony’s Senior VP and Business Division President, addressed that the new PS4’s camera can see the player and respond to his voice commands. Others details such … Read more

Report: Sony scrapped PS Eye to give PS4 the price advantage

It has been clear to us since E3 that the $100 price difference that the PS4 has with the Xbox One is influenced by the absence of the PS Eye bundled with the PS4 unlike the Xbox One which comes with mandatory bundled Kinect. Reports have emerged that Sony was originally planning to keep the … Read more

PS4: Daylight Will Capture Pictures Of Players When A Scare Happens

A fun feature was announced for Daylight, a psychological thriller/horror game for the PS4 from Zombie Studios. It will capture the exact moment a scare happens in the game using the PS Eye camera. You can keep these photos as a novelty or share them with your friends on PSN or social networks. Using the PS … Read more