Gran Turismo 6 will get PS4 version

Gran Turismo 6 was announced back in  May 15th by Polyphony Digital’s for the series’ 15th anniversary. A demo was released  just a few days ago. The game will release for  PS3 later this year, but Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauchi has stated that the company has a PS4 version in mind during a new interview. Speaking … Read more

Gran Turismo 5 Vs Gran Turismo 6 – Gameplay Comparison

Check out this amazing comparison video pitting Gran Turismo 5 against Gran Turismo 6. You’ll get to know how much the game’s evolved since the release of its previous edition. Do keep the in mind, it’s still very early days as far as Gran Turismo 6 is concerned and the game will only get better … Read more

Amazing GT5 Racing Cockpit built using real-life Opel Astra cabin

A YouTube user has build a unimaginable cockpit by constructing his own race seat using the real-life cabin of a Opel Astra. The video shows the entire contruction process and it simple an amazing thing to watch. The cockpit’s got instrument lights and other attention to detail to boot. Don’t miss it. And it’s obvious … Read more