Video – PS4 Size Comparison with the PS3

PlayStation Access got a close up, hands on look at the PS4 describing it as “slim, stylish, and soon to be in all our living rooms”.  In order to show us how big the PS4 looks like, they placed it right beside a PS3, where you can obviously see the PS3 is bigger than the next-gen. … Read more

’20 things you didn’t know about the PS4′ Video

PlayStation Access has recently released a video on all the things that people did not know about the upcoming console. The host Nathan lists all things interesting from the PS4, Dualshock 4, the Camera, and all the new features that should be available when the console is launched. Check out the video below, and tell … Read more

In Depth Look at the PS4 Controller

Sony has recently released a video from their PlayStation Access show, where they were getting extremely hands on with the controller, describing its ergonomic features, the touchpad button, and all its fine points. A developer from Digital Extremes has recently stated, “The DualShock 4 is the best game controller I’ve ever put my hands on.” Check out the … Read more