Here’s Why Bethesda Might Not Actually Be Working On Three New Projects

Speaking at last month’s DICE summit, Bethesda boss Todd Howard said that the studio was working on three big projects. He said, “three longer term projects that we’re doing that are all … big and crazy but in many ways different to things we’ve done before.” Now, nearly three weeks after speaking at DICE, Howard says … Read more

Far Cry: Primal annnounced, releases Feb 23, 2016

Ubisoft has announced its next Far Cry game and it’s called Far Cry: Primal. The game’s a open-world encounter set in the Stone Age. The game takes place in 10,000 BC and is developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The company released its first trailer which shows an epic clash with a woolly mammoth, a Sabre-toothed cat … Read more

Creative Director Confirms Watch Dogs details on Multiplayer Mode

Ubisoft has recently dumped a bunch of information to the media about their upcoming Watch Dogs game. News on Watch Dogs have been popping up left and right all, and when there’s more news, there is more questions from the curious fans. Many have been wondering what Ubisoft is going to to do with the … Read more