How PS4 Fooled Xbox One…

The truth is out there for everyone to see. How it had all began which caused the biggest gaming shitstorm in recent memory. The ultimate trick played by one competitor on another. We’re just kidding of course but the comic below still manages to tickle our funny bones and make us laugh. Check it out … Read more

GTA V – Sorry PC Gamers!

Another hilarious GTA V meme based around the fact that the game is only available on console and the indifference shown by Rockstar to the PC gaming community as they’re yet to announce a PC version of the same. The fact still remains that it’s made more than a billion so far and has sold … Read more

Long Neck Has Returned…In Battlefield 4

We came across this hilarious image from the Battlefield 4 beta and the user has combined something which was also encountered during the beta of its successor. The result is an hilarious meme which forces you to laugh. We’re pretty sure even DICE couldn’t help but laugh when they must have seen this picture. Battlefield … Read more

GTA V Vs GTA IV PC – Visual Comparison

We don’t need to say much about this image. It shows how a powerful PC and mods can blow away anything that the current generation of consoles are capable of producing.  The game which came out years ago still manages to blow its successor out of the water thanks to the tools available on the … Read more

Battlefield 4 Beta – PC Vs Consoles

The recent Battlefield 4 beta was the cause of heated arguments due to its highly erratic performance on different platforms. The most jibes were aimed at the certain console version which looked absolutely mediocre while compared to the PC version of the beta. The below image improvises on the fact and takes it a notch … Read more

PC Gamer Finally Gets GTA V…

PC gamers are pretty pissed off as Rockstar didn’t announce a PC version to be in development for the platform and the comic below hilariously but accurately describes how console gamers feel towards the constant whining of the PC gamers due to this. Although, we really hope they get a chance to play the game … Read more

PS3 Visual Logic

Every time we hear that a first party game is being released, they always have to describe how amazing the graphics will be. Don’t get me wrong, the graphics are always amazing but why is it that Sony never bother to fix some common graphic issues such as the loading with the interface’s icons and … Read more