BioWare Confirms A New Mass Effect Game Is Coming

Mass Effect is truly an iconic gaming franchise, even if its latter games (or game, I should say) haven’t been anything to write home about. If Mass Effect could get back to its roots, it’d definitely make a lot of people happy, and it seems that BioWare definitely has plans for a new Mass Effect … Read more

10 Games That Let You Destroy The Entire World

For those moments when you feel like blowing off some steam we compiled a list of games that let you destroy pretty much everything in your path, up to the point where you can actually wipe out an entire planet or race. Be them explosive by nature or more of a tactical solution, these gaming … Read more

Mass Effect: New DLC Screenshots

Bioware has released some screenshots for their upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC pack. They have not yet announced the release date for the game but expect it to be announced soon. Take a look at the screenshots below.

Mass Effect 3 DLC Dated

EA has announced that Mass Effect 3 extended cut DLC will be releasing on June 26. The DLC will expand upon the events which took place at the end of Mass Effect 3 through additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes. It’ll also provide deeper insight into Commander Sheperd’s journey based on player’s choices made throughout … Read more

Mass Effect 3 Launch trailer Released

  EA’s released the launch trailer for Mass Effect 3, and it’s dealing with the core story of the game. The video shows people seeing in a shuttle as reapers are seen attacking Earth. The game’s releasing next week for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

New Mass Effect 3 videos look awesome

IGN’s got two brand new videos of Mass Effect 3 and they look really good. Showing off two different sections of the game, the videos are worth checking out. View them below.