Assassin Creed Logic

If you’ve ever played the Assassins Creed series you’re well aware of how many different possibilities  there are as far as how you can get around. You can run, jump, roll, climb but there is one thing you can’t do and that’s crouch. Why is this? We still haven’t figured that out yet.  I imagine … Read more

Some People In This World

I’ve heard a lot of girls say this, they’ll tell you that spending 60 bucks on a video game is a waste of money, yet they’ll spend 300 bucks on shoes. The sickening part about this all is that they’ll probably wear those shoes once or twice and then forget about them. Take your favorite … Read more

CoD Character Logic

In Call of Duty if you get shot in the stomach with any type of rifle, there is a good chance that you won’t even get killed. Although, if you get knifed anywhere (including the feet) with a knife, you’ll instantly die. That’s the one of many things wrong with the Call of Duty series, … Read more