New PS4 Games Video Released

Earlier this morning around 2:00 a.m eastern time, Sony’s held a press event in Japan showing what the Japanese gamers can expect for PS4 launch tittles . They released a trailer revealing numerous launch line up of games that will come for the PS4 in Japan. Check out the video down below,and gets a glimpse of … Read more

PS4 Games Line-Up Revealed

Sony confirmed last night at E3 that they are going to have more than 110 titles for their upcoming console, the PS4. Announcing many partnerships with big and small companies, they introduced us to Bungie Inc., Activision, Blizzard Entertainment Inc., Square Enix, Ubisoft Entertainment, 2K Sports, Bethesda Games Studios, Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment, and more. … Read more

Sony launches affordable PS3 ‘Essentials’ line-up in India

Sony has revealed their upcoming line-up of PS3 essentials in India for this summer. For the first time, Indian gamers will have access to a range of titles which are very competitively priced since the PS3’s launch. This will increase the popularity of the PS3  among Indian audiences. All the titles under the ‘Essentials’ banner will be sold for Rs 999 … Read more