5 Best Multiplayer Games To Play With Your Friends In 2022

We all know it – gaming is far more fun with friends. Sure, we all enjoy getting lost in a good single player experience. But when it comes to getting social, nothing’s better than gathering with some distant pals and playing some of the best multiplayer games around. If there’s one thing that the last … Read more

Knockout City Is Going Free-To-Play This Spring Without EA Involved

Knockout City will be going to free-to-play at some point in spring, but previous publisher EA will not be involved. Knockout City is a competitive dodgeball action game by Velan Studios. It launched last year on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC in May. Currently, it’s on Season 5 of its regular content releases, which will … Read more

Knockout City’s Movie-Themed Season 2 Launches This Week

Show off your moves at the movies, with Knockout City’s second season which is out now on all platforms. Knockout City is a dodgeball game that allows you to become the dodgeball, so it’s safe to say the game doesn’t take itself too seriously. However, its latest season proves that developer Velan Studios knows this, … Read more