DOOM Creator Adds New Level To Raise Money For Ukraine

The creator of DOOM, John Remero, has added a new level to DOOM II to raise money for the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Last week, Russia invaded Ukraine, staring a war still going on now. In an effort to support Ukraine, Romero has released the new level on his website People can download the … Read more

John Romero Just Released His First New DOOM Level In Over 20 Years

John Romero is the godfather of the FPS. He founded id Software, and created DOOM in 1993 alongside John Carmack and Tom Hall. Romero’s resume includes games like┬áCommander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, Quake, Daikatana, Heretic, Hexen,┬áDangerous Dave… the list goes on. Out of nowhere, Romero just released a brand new level for DOOM called “Tech … Read more