Double Fine Cancels Unannounced Project With Layoffs

Tim Schafer, head of Double Fine, announced that the development studio recently has cancelled an unannounced IP and with it a few employees had been laid off. Find out what exactly happened and what this means for the rest of the IP’s Double Fine is currently in-development with. According to Tim Schafer, an unannounced project … Read more

Criterion Games Teases New IP

Criterion Games was present during EA press conference during this year’s E3 2014. During the conference a video showcased Criterion Games in which the development studio revealed that the upcoming IP will be the biggest video game the development studio has made yet. The game doesn’t have a name quite yet but there’s plenty of … Read more

Just Who Owns The Duke? Gearbox and 3D Realms Fight For Rights

The Duke has been an icon for ages. Duke Nukem has fought off aliens, made cheap remarks and ultimately maintain his badass persona. Though when it comes to who owns the trademark and rights for future video game development, well that’s a bit of a mystery. Currently there are two developers going toe-to-toe in a … Read more